Repositioning and Strengthening a Global Hearing Aid Brand

In 2010, Unitron, a global producer of hearing aids, tasked Concrete with launching a new product line. However, in the process of planning the launch, Concrete identified a strategic brand issue and recommended an overall brand analysis, with the aim of strengthening Unitron’s position in the marketplace.

After a comprehensive research and exploration process, Concrete isolated a core brand problem: every new product the company brought to market was given a distinct look. Product was emphasized over brand, diminishing Unitron’s efforts to build a distinct identity both in the marketplace and within the company. Compounding this problem was the imagery selected for product launches tended to look the same as competing brands.

Concrete worked with Unitron to scope and develop four distinct programs: a revised identity program to strengthen the Unitron name; a distilled and concise brand story; a new product marketing campaign platform; and a brand credibility campaign.

Central to this endeavor was the strategic decision to put the Unitron brand at the core of all sales and marketing efforts, a process that began with the design of a new logo and tagline. The old logo, which consisted of a symbol, image, and a broad tagline –“Connect” – was pared down to the Unitron name. A simple, dramatic  “U” symbol was employed as a short-form identity. The tagline was changed to “Hearing matters,” positioning Unitron as a smaller, customer-friendly company staffed by people who care about hearing health and quality of life.

With a strong brand platform in place, the need for some product differentiation led to the creation of a new product marketing platform. A strong overall Unitron brand was maintained, but new products were identified by metaphors from nature, creating visual variety but also consistency through the element of nature – what you put in your ear is from nature, as intended.


Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Print & Editorial / Packaging / Advertising / Digital / Video / Environment

Brand Positioning

Hearing matters speaks from a distinctive perspective – from a genuine desire to improve the quality of clients’ lives. By directing our message outwards to our customer, Hearing matters gives Unitron a genuinely human voice.


Product Positioning
Sound the Way Nature Intended

Central to the product positioning was the strategic decision to consolidate all of the company’s product lines under the Unitron brand. This was counter to the previous approach, which involved the creation of distinct sub-brands for all products resulting in diluted brand awareness. The new product marketing platform conveys the idea of “sound the way nature intended” through the use of nature-based imagery. The product names complement the chosen image while highlighting each product’s innovative attributes.

“The new brand is a home run, both internally and industry wide. Recently a competitor mimicked our approach. I suppose imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

Bruce Brown
President, Marketing

What’s your favorite sound?

“What’s your favorite sound?” is a campaign platform that brings the “Hearing matters” positioning to life. There have been various iterations of the campaign of the past four years that straddles both B2B and B2C communication.