Pre:Empt Series

Bringing Youthful Appeal to an Established Anti-Aging Brand

Perricone MD is a premium line of anti-aging skincare products founded by board-certified dermatologist and bestselling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Concrete has been working with Perricone MD since 2008, when we reinvented the brand identity to rejuvenate sagging sales.

In 2015, the brand was acquired by a new private equity company with ambitious plans to grow market segment and revenue channels. Concrete worked closely with the company to shift the brand’s emphasis away from strictly anti-aging. “Serious about Beauty” became the new brand positioning, tying the product line’s origins rooted in scientific innovation to a broader concept of skin health.

The first new product launch under the new positioning was the Pre:Empt Series. This new series of products was aimed at millennials who may not yet be concerned about the effects of aging, but who take interest in preventative health regimes. The product needed to appeal to this younger demographic while remaining true to the voice and visual cues of the established brand.

The created product launch was met with wide media and consumer interest as well as strong sales. Campaign elements included product naming and package design, advertising, video, sales collateral materials and press event.


Visual Identity / Print / Packaging / Art Direction / Video / Event Design



Concrete consistently, brilliantly captures the innovative and unique nature of the Perricone line of products.”

Dr. Nicholas Perricone
Founder, Perricone MD

Launch Video

Concrete produced a launch video for the new product line, which appeared on brand and retailer websites and in social media.