No Longer Your Father’s Golden Arches

If your image of a McDonald’s restaurant is one of neon-yellow, bright-red interiors with industrial steel chairs, you need to pay them a revisit.

The iconic brand is undertaking a global initiative of redesigning all its restaurants. The goal is to enhance the diner experience  – whether it’s families with children or business people having an informal meeting – to feel they can come in, take a break, have a conversation, watch TV or use the WiFi. The new environments employ richer materials, lighter colors, warmer lighting and incorporate a variety of nontraditional seating, modern light pendants, and informal architectural dividers between the various zones.

Concrete created multiple environmental graphic packages for the North American market. The objective was twofold. First, we had to create environments that were not only contemporary and inviting, but also communicated the company’s values without appearing to “market” over customers’ shoulders while they were enjoying their Big Mac’s.

Secondly, we were tasked with creating packages that ensured brand consistency, while also allowing the variability demanded by specific location and owner/operator requirements. Each package contains a custom palette of graphics that, while providing a consistent and controlled branded experience, allows individual owner/operators to create appropriate experiences for their own customers and communities. The environmental components include primary graphics, patterns, color stripes, and legacy, energizing, and localizing graphics.


Message Strategy / Branded Environment