Lida Baday

Quality in Every Thread

Canadian fashion designer Lida Baday discovered her passion for luxurious fabrics, old world craftsmanship and fine detailing in childhood, when she spent many an hour watching her mother, a custom dressmaker, at work. In 1987 she launched Lida Baday, a fashion label renowned for its beautiful, meticulously tailored clothing that captures the essence of the discerning, modern women. Lida’s collections are sold in luxury boutiques and retailers around the world, including Saks Fifth Avenue.

Over its nearly 20-year relationship with the designer, Concrete has developed a visual language that complements the brand’s signature style, employing sophisticated imagery and such unconventional models as anti-establishment grunge icon Kirsten Owen to project maturity and understated sensuality. Concrete also emulates Lida Baday’s commitment to timeless craftsmanship with minimally retouched photography, finely detailed brochures and ambient videos for each season’s campaign.


Visual Identity / Print / Digital / Art Direction / Video



“Getting a fresh perspective doesn’t mean changing collaborators. I just turn to Diti and say ‘Let’s try something else.’”

Lida Baday
Founder, Lida Baday