An Italian Food Factory

Mark McEwan is no ordinary chef. He’s got four bustling restaurants, a high-end catering business, a thriving reality-TV career and a 20,000-foot gourmet food store. Renowned as Toronto’s preeminent chef, he is an equally adept entrepreneur.

When McEwan announced he was planning his take on rustic Italian food, he approached Concrete to create the visual identity. Located in a non-descript, beige box of a space in a newly built open mall, the visual brand was vital in imparting a sense of lively authenticity to the new restaurant.

Working closely with McEwan and architects Giannone Petricone Associates, Concrete created an identity (Fabbrica is the Italian word for “factory”) that was inspired by the design aesthetic that emerged out of postwar Italy – Pirelli, Gio Ponti, Federico Fellini, to name a few sources of inspiration. A bright and rich color palette, strong geometric shapes and bold imagery all allude to this influential period.

Concrete designed the visual identity, menus, printed collateral material and website as well as both exterior and interior signage and environmental graphic elements.


Visual Identity / Print / Interactive / Signage / Branded Environments