Amuse Bouche

Growing a Great Beauty Brand

Working closely with founder Susanne Langmuir, Concrete created and launched BITE Beauty as a startup brand in 2012. BITE is a line of lip products made from entirely natural, food-grade ingredients, including resveratrol, the health-boosting, antioxidant component found in red wine. The line was an instant success. By 2015, the brand had been acquired by the French multi-national luxury goods group LVMH.

Amuse Bouche is the first major product launch for the company since its inception. Up until this point BITE’s marketing had been limited to social media, in-store imagery and messaging through its ecommerce distribution channel, The launch of Amuse Bouche provided an opportunity to tell a bigger BITE story and establish a greater branded online presence.

For the launch of Amuse Bouche, Concrete created a custom package of the 34 new lipstick shades to be sent to beauty editors throughout North America. A new BITE Beauty microsite was created not only to showcase the new line, but to also tell the story of BITE’s commitment to sourcing natural, healthy ingredients and to the hand making of all BITE products in-house. Concrete created the messaging hierarchy, beauty and product photography and video to support the BITE and Amuse Bouche narratives. As well, the user journey throughout the site allows instant purchasing opportunities at all points with direct links to


Brand Strategy / Art Direction / Digital / Video / Packaging




The Perfect Bite

A look behind the scenes at the BITE factory in Toronto.